The PILATES FOR CYCLISTS instructor course gives Pilates instructors the knowledge and skills to deliver a cyclist specific programme, using Pilates principles and repertoire.



Programme includes:

·      What does the cyclists’ body need?

·      Efficient biomechanics

·      Fit the bike versus Bikefit

·      Central stability  - Appropriate pelvic stability and why the “plank” is bad news for cyclists

·      Power stroke – Efficient delivery of power to the pedal through correct muscle activation and alignment

           Pelvis, Hip. Knee, ankle strategies.

·      The spine and breathing – Using the correct breathing technique ensures efficient lung use and relaxation of the shoulders.

·      Aero neck – The common problem of neck pain, addressed with appropriate mobility and positioning strategies.

·      Different set ups- Road, mountain or shopping bike

·      Develop a programme for your cyclist.

·      Saddle Salutation – The cyclists practical cycle specific mobility, warm up and anywhere, anytime movement routine.

·      On the bike posture / body awareness strategies.

By the end of the course the instructor will have the confidence and skill to deliver a cyclist specific programme, using the knowledge and exercises learnt.