Pilates is a movement system with a large repertoire of exercises and with an ethos of quality of movement.   Modern pilates uses an adapted version of these encompassing up to date research whilst maintaining the principles and passion. 

With a focus on stability, mobility and controlled movement, pilates help people achieve efficient movement.  This is good for those with injuries and those looking to maintain a healthy movement system.

We are teacher trainers and teach and lecture around the world on intelligent movement, with organisations such as Pilates on Tour, BodyControl, Pilates Foundation and more.

We love to work on a fusion of movement styles to find the "best fit" for you,

We have individual lessons, classes, workshops and amazing movement fusion classes.

We also have studio equipment for you to work on such as the Reformer, Cadillac and chair. 

Our teachers have done the best training and have a wide expeience. 

To book a session contact us a Coneythill Studio - www.coneyhillstudio.com / phone us or use the "contact us" form