This  workshop will comprehensively cover the cervical spine and related head anatomy and kinesiology and relate it to movement strategies that Pilates teachers use.

We will review common neck problems and altered movement strategies that clients may present with. Present a concise, useable, contemporary review of the latest research on neck function. Demonstrate how to integrate this knowledge of movement solutions into the pilates repertoire.

Cervical spine and associated upper limb, thoracic and headache problems are a common issue with many clients. This workshop is designed to give the pilates instructor an in-depth knowledge of relevant anatomy and functional research. Importantly the workshop ensures a large practical component on specific ways to address clients various movement presentations. Ensuring integration into the pilates repertoire, allowing you to deliver the things you learn straight away as part of your programming. The introduction of postural solutions for clients will allow the practitioner to integrate exercise into a client’s lifestyle, a true ergonomic view.